The tracks on this album were never recorded with the intention that they be released, together, as an album. Several were recorded without any intention that they would, ever, be released at all.

This album is, on the face of it, a haphazard and eclectic collection of demos ... and a few live recordings. The fact is though that it's a haphazard and eclectic collection that a lot of people have felt, for a long while, ought to be widely-available.

What's the point of this site?

This site only really came about, in the first place, because (having spent 30 odd years waiting to put this collection of recordings out) the album got pulled together and released in a bit of a hurry ... and on a bit of a limited budget.

Inevitably perhaps, once a sleeve design had been agreed, there were suddenly plenty of other ideas for what could have gone on it ... had there been more space and time. This site is a collection of those things, that'll hopefully grow a bit over the years, as other bits and pieces get unearthed.

There's a page for each song, containing words (and maybe some day, some bits of music) as well as some notes that attempt to put some of both the words and music in a bit of context.

2011 in Ealing