CASE history

Back when they were all a lot younger, CASE were notorious more than they were famous.

There are numerous stories circulating about things that did and didn't happen at gigs, in studios, and in musty little rehearsal rooms in a number of the less-fashionable parts of London and the Home Counties.

 This page is an attempt to try and string together, in some sort of a time line, the ones that still spring readily to mind, well, some minds anyway.

  • 1979
    • Spring - Rob Brook, Matt Newman and Marc Adams introduced to each other, by Slimy Toad from The Johnny Moped Band, at a party hosted by a chap called Slug who lived in Purley.
    • Christmas - Band play 1st "gig"
      • without a drummer
      • at Marc's firm's Christmas party
      • asked to stop after three songs
  • 1980
    • 9th August 1980 - First Bromley Library Gardens Gig
      • Lengthy instrumental break when Matt leapt into lake in front of the stage and had a little difficulty getting out of mud from bottom of lake
    • 28th November 1980 - Oxted Youth Club
      • Got a nice thank you letter saying CASE were "such a pleasant group of people"
    • 28th December 1980 - ICA gig with Altered Images
      • Not sure who else was on the bill, maybe Spizz
  • 1981
    • 13th February 1981 - Chislehurst Caves gig
    • 31 May 1981 - Supported Slade at Wolverhampton Fiesta, Monmore Green Greyhound Stadium, Wolverhampton
      • Diamond Head also on the bill
        • 'bit of a heavy metal crowd
      • Rather a lot of stuff chucked up at the stage when CASE started playing, and at their minibus, upon arrival,
        • items hurled/spat included, chewing gum, burger wrappers, stones, and motorcycle chains etc.
        • Matt's trousers ripped apart after two or three songs of the set
        • came off to rapturous applause!
    • 29th July 1981 (daytime) - Second Library Gardens gig
      • No leaping in lakes
      • Gig was some sort of antidote to the royal wedding (Charles and Di) that was also going on that day
    • 29th July 1981 (evening) - Warlingham Village Hall gig
      • no lake
    • 14th November 1981 - Woodstock Revisited - London Rainbow
      • Buckets filled with maggots and CASE badgets poured from balconies
      • Uncharacteristically large number of bluebottles flying around the Rainbow during the Shirley Bassey concert several weeks later
  • 1985
    • July 1985 - Demo Recordings
      • "Corey Moorey", "Bosco's Pidgeons" & "Spit on the Fire"