30 Years in the Making ...

... this album has got a lot of old stuff on it, and it's probably fair to say that some of it has matured, more like a cheese than a wine.

If some of it sounds dated, it's because it is.

CASE have only officially release one recorded product before - the vinyl EP ("The Wheat From The Chaff".) Whilst it topped the indie charts at the time, it's probably fair to say that it went largely unnoticed by most of the civilised world (and large parts of the uncivilised bit, if we're utterly truthful about it.) There's a somewhat inscrutable logic therefore in waiting about thirty years to follow it up with an album of tracks recorded (but unreleased) at the time. It is not, well, the "traditional route" for a band to follow.

CASE were a formidable live band with a formidable following and reputation though and the truth is that there's been a fair few people over the years who've followed the band, have a lot of fond memories of the band, stated on numerous occasions that they've really wanted to be able to buy these tracks, and queried why they've never been properly released. 

Whilst there are band members who may have preferred that some of this stuff had remained unreleased - lost in whatever spare rooms, lofts, or basements the various old tapes required have languished since the 1980s, this album is not about pandering to egos or any desire to airbrush history. It would obviously have been tempting for the band to go into a studio now and record these songs, how they would have wanted them to sound, with the benefit of hindsight, having lived a bit longer, learned to play a bit better (in some cases) and (in some cases) learned a bit more about a few other things too.

This album is not that kind of an album; it's all of the original tracks re-mastered, pretty much just as they were when they were recorded - warts, squeeks, bum notes and all.

Only those who've spent a long while waiting can really comment on whether the wait was worth it.

This site was also a while in the making and, if we're honest about it, is still being made.  We haven't got all the lyrics in yet and there isn't a page for every track yet.

There will be.

Pop back soon if that's the kind of thing that amuses you.